Welcome to the redesigned www.finucane.info website. I hope you find this website informative and please visit regularly as more and more information is added.

Principally this site is about the Finucane of Clare family and it's genealogy, heritage and it's future.

The site is based on much documentation that still exists today. These include the earliest documented Genealogy by Aodh Buide MacCruitin in 1739, The extensive work done by Philip Crossle and finally the additional work by George Mott. The presentation of all their work culminated in the publication of an article in "The Irish Ancestor" (Issue 1, Vol. 1) entitled "".

Much of Crossle and Motts work was based on the family archives which are in Ireland and so I find it difficult to add as much information to the site as I would wish.

Of course I cannot do all this work by myself and I have many people to thank in making this site what it is. Please visit the credits page to recognise these people and their input.